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How To Set Up Your Tripod for Shooting

Since I first tried it, shooting off a tripod has become my favourite method for shooting. It didn’t take me long to realise that the stability of a rifle on a tripod is simply incredible. While it does allow a shooter to shoot accurately at greater distances, as a hunter, […]

How I Mount My Binoculars on a Tripod

I’m a late-comer to mounting my binoculars on a tripod, and it didn’t take long to convince me that it’s a great way to glass. It wasn’t until I took the time to try this technique that I understood the hype. The stability of the binos is massively enhanced when […]

Field Tip: Seated Tripod Shooting with a Strap

By now, you know I’m a huge fan of tripod shooting. What if you wanted to make your shots even more stable? This is where the Gunwerks Custom Tripod Sling Kit comes into play. Tripods make us more stable and accurate shooters by anchoring the rifle to the ground and […]

My Mountain Hunting Kit

Every year, I tweak the gear I take into the hills, and this year was no different. While I continue to use the excellent optics I’ve had for a few seasons, I’ve added a binocular adapter and begun using it earnestly. I continue to bring a minimum of clothing but […]

Slope Angle on onX Maps

Most hunters take advantage of the incredible mapping capabilities of a smartphone while hunting. I’m sure most of you use your phone to mark camp, review satellite imagery, and plan your stalks. One fantastic feature of onX Maps that I used extensively on a recent goat hunt is the Slope Angle layer. […]

Hogue Extrak Fixed-Blade Knife

This year, I worked exclusively with Hogue Knives. Because both fixed-blade and replaceable-blade knives have their place, I used the Hogue Extrak Fixed-Blade Knife and the Hogue Expel Scalpel Knife on all my hunts. While both fixed-blade and replaceable-blade knives have their advantages and disadvantages, there are several reasons why […]

My Tripod Setup Guide

I’ve created a downloadable guide to my tripod setups for glassing and shooting. I love the expression, “if you know better, do better.” I’ve followed this approach in my evolution as a hunter, and I hope this guide can help you skip some of the poor techniques and gear selection […]

Unleash Precision and Power: The Hogue Expel Scalpel Knife for Mountain Hunting

Every piece of gear plays a pivotal role in ensuring success and safety when embarking on a challenging mountain hunting expedition. Among these essentials, a reliable and precision-engineered knife is an indispensable tool. Enter the Hogue Expel Scalpel Knife, a cutting-edge companion for mountain hunters that combines cutting precision, durability, […]

Field Tip: Rifle Field Care

Every hunter should understand and prioritize taking care of their rifle and optics in the field. When the time comes to take a shot, knowing that the rifle has been cared for through adverse conditions will bring you peace of mind and lead to better shooting. I protect my optics […]

Vortex Optics LHT 4.5–22×50 FFP Riflescope

The Vortex Optics LHT riflescope hits the sweet spot between magnification and weight. A maximum zoom of 22x will be sufficient for most realistic hunting situations. It is built with the quality, durability and reliability we have come to expect from Vortex Optics. If you are looking for a riflescope, […]

Use of Rests in the Field for Shooting (bipod/pack/tree/tripod)

Field shooting while hunting poses numerous challenges to new and experienced hunters alike. The biggest challenge will be the hunter themselves: “buck fever,” stress, nerves, pressure, whatever you want to call it. Seeing the animal of a lifetime within shooting range raises the adrenaline, unlike anything else. Taking the shot […]