A Rifle Built for the Mountain Hunter

This is my Gunwerks ClymR rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine. This rifle is about high-performance with its carbon fibre stock, carbon barrel, titanium action. The gun is built for long-range, lightweight mountain hunting, which is exactly what I need. I’ve been using this one for a couple of years now, and it’s performed amazingly under every condition.

The ClymR stock is a little bit shorter than normal. It has a negative comb, which minimizes muzzle rise while shooting. The ClymR has a flat toe line for straight recoil tracking. The grip on this system is fantastic. I love the vertical angle for supported shooting and the thumb shelf for when I’m ready to go.

I love that thumb shelf position that it provides for me. And then it’s just a matter of touching that trigger. My stock is carbon fibre, and that’s about a pound and 1.9 pounds with all the hardware on it. And you can also get it in fibreglass, adding a half-pound. Another great thing about this system that I use is I’ve got a 20-inch carbon wrap barrel.

This short barrel really keeps this weapon compact as when I have it on my backpack and a bush bashing. It’s not always getting hung up on the bushes.

A really great addition is a directional break, which minimizes recoil, letting you get back on that animal for the second shot. The internal magazine makes for easy loading, easy unloading, with the 7 mm SAUM, which I’m shooting here. It only allows for two in the magazine because obviously, it’s a fat cartridge, and they’re trying to keep everything compact.

I have two cartridges in the magazine, and then I always throw one in when I’m ready to shoot, giving me three bullets available to me at all times. It has an integrated Picatinny rail in the stock, which is really nice because it leaves the stock flush.

To sum up, the Gunwerks ClymR is a hunter’s rifle, built for those looking for a flawless set-up and know how important the rifle is for making every shot count.

Air Armor Tech Gun Case Drop

I wanted to torture test my Air Armor Tech rifle case, and throwing my Gunwerks ClymR rifle out of my Piper PA-18 SuperCub seemed like it was a good idea.

The Air Armor Tech Gun Case

The Gun Case is a tough, light, and compact system for storing and transporting up to two rifles. The cushioning is provided by a very durable air bladder that can be easily inflated to provide incredible protection when shipping rifles by air, or when transporting them on any machine. The case provides serious protection from water, drops and crushing.

I find it so much more versatile than a hard case, as it is much easier to strap down. When not in use, the case deflates and rolls up into a small package.

Step 1: The Rifle

I loaded my Gunwerks ClymR, chambered in 7mm SAUM and scoped with my Vortex Optics AMG Razor 6–24 x 50 scope into the case. This rifle has seen serious adventures on sheep, goat and other mountain hunts, and has proven to be a light and accurate rifle to tremendous distances.

I chose to also put my Air Armor Tech Extreme 16 Scope Cover on the rifle, as this is certainly what I would do if actually airdropping a rifle on a hunt. The Scope Cover lives on my rifle when I’m in the field and provides outstanding, lightweight protection to the scope and rifle.

Step 2: The Flight

I had Dale in the back seat of the Super Cub holding the rifle case, and I took the aircraft up to about 75 feet off the deck. I had chosen a sandy beach near to my home that would allow me to takeoff and land right where I would be doing the drop.

Step 3: The Drop

There’s not too much to do when you’re dropping a rifle from an aircraft: Have a target to aim for and let it go!

Step 4: The Shot

After checking the rifle for any obvious damage, I set myself up to take a 200 yard shot on my target. Drum roll… bang! The result: not a bad shot. I’ll give myself a inch or two off the target based on the stress of the situation as a pilot and everything it took to make this happen.


With the hard work that goes into getting into a shooting position on an animal I wish to harvest, it’s natural that I invest in the best rifle system, optics and carrying systems I can find. These investments increase my chances of success dramatically. If you are looking for similar success, head over to Air Armor Tech and check out their Gun Case and Extreme 16 Scope Cover. Your rifle and optics will thank me!