I’ve been getting on some great podcasts recently. Do you have any favourite podcasts you think I should contact?β €Send me a message!

Tom Rowland Podcast

We return with Greg McHale, the host and creator of “Wild Yukon,” a thrilling series that showcases his daring pursuits in the breathtaking wilderness of Canada’s Yukon Territory. Continuing from our NO EXCUSES ten-minute workout, Greg tells us about PENALTY workouts for those who don’t carry their weight in fitness.

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Brad Lea’s Dropping Bombs

Brad Lea hosts an incredible podcast focused on personal development and business. I had a great chat with him in Las Vegas, and I think you will enjoy it.

🎯 Listen on Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/dropping-bombs/id1260808808#episodeGuid=65aee9c4-824f-43af-a3a9-0b9306fe46ee

🎯 Listen on Spotify: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/brad-lea7/episodes/Greg-McHale–What-It-Means-to-be-A-Top-Adventure-Athlete–Episode-561-with-The-Real-Brad-Lea-TRBL-e20c1i1

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Long Shot Leaders

I spoke with Michael Stein about starting my passion as my career, pursuing big game, adventures and challenges, and how to succeed at doing what I love. You can listen here.

Travis Macy Show

Denise and I talk with Travis and Mace about a shared history of adventure; mental and physical toughness in the mountains; the how and why of hunting; balancing family, racing, and business; the impact of COVID on the Yukon Territory; snowshoeing to the South Pole; and our exciting new program at www.powerhunterfitness.com; and more.

Head over to Travis’ website to see what he has going on, and follow him on Instagram!

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Don’t be Mediocre

David has started his new podcast interviewing some movers and shakers in the hunting industry, and me as well! Here’s the link.

Follow his podcast on Instagram.

Wilderness Warrior with Eric Conn

Eric Conn is a passionate outdoorsman, among many other things. He has insight into hunting, the hunting industry, and poses outstanding questions. Please give this one a listen.

Follow his podcast on Instagram.

SOLO HNTR with Time Burnett

Tim is a great hunter, filmmaker and podcaster. Thank you, Tim, for hosting me on your podcast!

Backcountry Hunting with Joseph von Benedikt

I dig in with Joseph on lots of background to my show, and how I came to see northern mountain hunting as the best of the best in North American hunting. Here’s a link to his show notes.

Hunt Backcountry Podcast

I joined Mark on his excellent podcast and we discuss where I came from, our television production, and the mindset it takes to excel on a tough mountain hunt.

Wilderness Attitude

I had a great chat with Brandon digging into my values, why I hunt, training, and the importance of hunting to my family. [Link]

Train to Hunt

I join Ryan and Kenton on their podcast before my television production was finalized. If you want to hear some stories from before the show was out there in the world, listen to this one.


Like a Bigfoot

I join Chris on his podcast and link my adventure racing past and roots to my style of training and mountain hunting. Here’s the link.

Interviews with the Hunting Masters

Check out my interview with John Stallone here.

The Rich Outdoors

I join my buddy Travis Macy on the podcast with Cody to talk about adventure racing and hunting.