I’m a late-comer to mounting my binoculars on a tripod, and it didn’t take long to convince me that it’s a great way to glass. It wasn’t until I took the time to try this technique that I understood the hype. The stability of the binos is massively enhanced when they are on a tripod, and my ability to see the details on a mountainside is much, much higher than using them handheld. Mounting the binoculars on the tripod is as simple as grabbing a small adapter and clipping it to the binos.

I’ve been using Really Right Stuff’s Cinch-LR Binocular Mount. It’s a small and light unit that clips around one of the binocular’s barrels. It has an integrated dovetail to clip into any ARCA Swiss tripod head. It’s that easy. The Cinch is low-profile, and I don’t have to worry about removing it from my binos to stow them back in my binocular harness. There’s not too much more to say about this. If you’ve thought, as I have, that putting my elbows on my knees while glassing was enough to make my binoculars stable for glassing, you’re wrong (as I was). Check out the Cinch-LR, which is available in nylon or aluminum. These will change the way you use your optics and will make you a better hunter.

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