By now, you know I’m a huge fan of tripod shooting. What if you wanted to make your shots even more stable? This is where the Gunwerks Custom Tripod Sling Kit comes into play. Tripods make us more stable and accurate shooters by anchoring the rifle to the ground and reducing our reliance on muscles to hold the rifle steady. The tripod sling kit in this video is a simple tool that enhances this connection to the ground: Attach the sling to the rifle (while it’s mounted on the tripod) and then to your belt with a carabiner. Taking your position behind the rifle, you pull on the strap with your hips, further anchoring the tripod and rifle to the earth. Voila, even MORE stability for your seated, kneeling or standing shooting.

This is a low-cost method that doesn’t take a lot of skill to pull off. You won’t find a steadier set-up.

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