Every year, I tweak the gear I take into the hills, and this year was no different. While I continue to use the excellent optics I’ve had for a few seasons, I’ve added a binocular adapter and begun using it earnestly. I continue to bring a minimum of clothing but select the items carefully to ensure I have as little duplication as possible.

You’ll notice very few “nice to haves” on this list. I prioritize my physical fitness and a lighter pack above comfort. With few exceptions, optional items will make a hunter slower and thus less effective. Will you feel stronger with a book that helps you relax? Perhaps.

In most cases, however, these ounces make pounds, and the fatigue you feel from carrying all this junk will definitely lower your chances of success. Of course, you can make your own choices and be whatever kind of hunter you want, but I find more satisfaction in being successful than comfortable when hunting sheep and goats. If you also want to be successful, be careful what other items you add to your pack.

Greg McHale’s 2023 Gear List
Greg McHale’s 2023 Gear List

If you have any other awesome pieces of gear you would bring on a mountain hunt, send me a DM on Instagram or Facebook or an email via the contact form on this site.

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