I’ve created a downloadable guide to my tripod setups for glassing and shooting.

I love the expression, “if you know better, do better.” I’ve followed this approach in my evolution as a hunter, and I hope this guide can help you skip some of the poor techniques and gear selection decisions I’ve made over the years.
The tripod is a keystone item I use continuously, from the long glassing sessions to the moment of truth. Thus, how I build out my tripod system is one of the most critical aspects of gear selection.
I hope this simple guide will help you become a better hunter.
Head to my YouTube channel for more videos about this gear and how to use it.

I cover all aspects of my system:

  • Tripod glassing head
  • Mountain hunting tripod
  • Picatinny to ARCA adapter for rifle mounting
  • Moose and bison hunting tripod
  • Moose and bison hunting tripod head
  • Bincolar adapter for tripod glassing
  • Mountain hunting tripod head

Download my guide now to see all the items I use, links to the product pages and my YouTube videos (where available).

Tripod Setup Guide
Tripod Setup Guide

Tripod Videos on My YouTube Channel

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