This is a great workout. I was able to pound it out while I was on the road recently, but you can do this pretty much anywhere. The basic workout is:

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For time:

  • 500-meter row (substitute 30 burpees if you don’t have access to a rower)⁠
  • 40 air squats⁠
  • 30 sit-ups⁠
  • 20 push-ups⁠
  • 10 pull-ups⁠
Keep your form tight to avoid injury and maximize results!

Work on your form: you’re only cheating yourself by using poor form. You can use this workout as a benchmark, performing it every thirty or sixty days. You’ll have an idea if you are making progress.

Stay focussed on the goal of moving your body. No rower: burpees. No pull-up bar: skip it or switch it up for one-armed rows or another back exercise.

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